Top 30+ Best Steam Apps For Students In School And At Home

Top 30+ Best Steam Apps For Students In School And At Home

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Top 30+ Best Steam Apps For Students In School And At Home


Science, technology, engineering, art, and math STEAM are all about learning about the world and how things work. Hands-on exploration is the best way to do this, and these STEAM apps ensure that kids and youth always have the tools they require to find cool things wherever they are. Also, a lot of them are just fun!  best steam deals

STEAM Apps: Science

Science is a broad field that contains a lot of different things. Geology, chemistry, ecology, meteorology, biology, physics, and more are all covered by these STEAM apps. steam link app

Britannica Kids

Britannica has a wide range of STEAM apps for kids who are 8 years old and older. Volcanoes, Snakes, Rainforests, the Solar System, and Dinosaurs are some of the choices.


This paid app can teach kids in grades K–5 everything they need to know about science. It has fun interactive lessons, games, and experiments on every topic you can think of.

NSF Science Zone

Students can spend hours on this app looking at high-resolution photos and videos. They talk about all kinds of science topics, from space to microbiology and everything in between.

Google Science Journal

Make your phone a science tool you can carry in your pocket. Try out free science activities, keep track of your experiments and research, and write down what you notice in the world.

Marco Polo Weather

This cute app will help kids learn about the different kinds of weather. Make a virtual world and then change the weather to see what happens.

Earth Now

Explore NASA’s graphs of climate data to find out how the Earth’s climate is changing. Zoom in and out on a beautiful globe that you can play with.

NASA Globe Observer

Help NASA make observations about the environment to add to data from satellites. You can join and help with ongoing projects, such as mapping trees and mosquito habitats.

Project Noah

This citizen science project aims to make a map of every living thing on Earth. You can help! Report what you see, help figure out what other people have seen, and help with research projects.

WWF Rivers

This expanded reality app informs the story of rivers and their ecosystems. Find out how people and animals use rivers and what happens if a river is dammed or its health worsens.

The Human Body by Tinybop

Tinybop makes great apps for younger people. This one is about the human body and is written at a level that young children can understand.

Frog Dissection

All the learning benefits of dissection without the smell of formaldehyde! Biologists in middle school and high school can use this app instead.

3D Brain

This 3-D app lets you turn around and look at different brain parts. Check out each part and find out what it does.


This is the place for all space-related topics. Check out the most recent articles and tweets from NASA, watch live NASA TV, and look at the amazing picture gallery.

Pocket Universe

Even when cloudy, this beautiful app makes it easy to look at the night sky. Younger kids may need help, but middle school and up kids can do it independently and have fun.


This app offers both beginner astronomers and those who have studied the stars for a long time. Augmented reality makes it easy to figure out what you’re looking at in the night sky, past, or the future.


In this fun gravity puzzle game, you flick your finger to send a planet into orbit around a black hole. The goal is to keep the planet in a stable orbit so it doesn’t fall into the black hole and get eaten.


Look at and learn about the past 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history. This app is based on research, and it has interactive features and detailed maps about things like the reconstruction of continents, sea level, and global temperature.

Cat Physics

Even though this looks too much fun to be educational, these puzzles teach a lot. Kids of all ages will learn more about how physics works in the real world.

Pocket Physics

This simple app explains some of the most important theories, formulas, and ideas in physics. All of the information is also available offline, so you can look something up without being distracted by social media or email.

Chemistry & Homework

This app has a great interactive periodic table, but it also has a molar mass calculator, solubility tables, acid strengths, and more.

NOVA Elements

With this free app for students, you can learn about the periodic table. Watch a 2-hour episode of NOVA, play an enjoyable chemistry game, and dig deep into an interactive periodic table.

STEAM Apps: Technology

Programming and coding are the technologies of the present… and the future. These STEAM apps help kids of all ages learn how to code.

Move the Turtle

It’s no way too early to begin learning how to code. This fun app is great for kids who are 5 years old or older. They will learn about loops, variables, and conditional instructions, among other things.


Kodable is an app that teaches kids ages 4 to 10 how to code. There are divided versions for younger kids and older kids. Numerous schools utilize Kodable to teach kids how to program computers from a young age.

Swift Playgrounds

Apple creates applications with a computer programming language called Swift. This colourful, easy-to-use app has clear instructions, a glossary of common coding terms, and many fun and interesting levels to play.


This app is great for kids in middle school who want to learn how to code. Try things out to find out how to make cool games, animations, or even full apps.


MIT made Scratch to teach kids ages 8 to 13 how to think like programmers and coders. With Scratch, kids can learn the basics of coding by making interactive stories, animations, and videos.

Scratch, Jr.

This app is a simple version of Scratch for kids ages 5 to 7. It can only do a few things, but it helps kids get used to the idea.

SoloLearn C++

With 80 full lessons and quizzes to test your knowledge along the way, older students can teach themselves how to code in C++. SoloLearn has many other programming courses, such as JavaScript and HTML.


Teenagers seem to be able to type quickly on a phone keyboard, but this is something they learn over time. Tapping lets you practice typing on an iPhone keyboard and shows you where you’re making mistakes and where you need to improve.

The Typing Game

The Typing Game is like TapTyping, but it only works on Android phones.

STEAM Apps: Engineering

Engineering could be a good career choice if a child likes to build things. With these engineering STEAM apps, they can improve their skills and learn new ones.

Bridge Constructor

Put your knowledge of physics to use by building bridges in different places. Then place them on the test to notice how well they hold up.

Blueprint 3D

You can improve your sense of space by turning the puzzle until the image of the blueprint suddenly becomes clear. Be careful, and this learning game is very hard to stop playing!

The Robot Factory

Kids can use this Tinybop app to make a virtual robot and then test it to see if it can stroll, race, fly, talk, and do other things.


You instruct a robot on how to shift crates in this game. With 36 levels that get harder, kids have to be smart and creative to find the best answers.


With this cool engineering app, you can build anything from tree houses to Ferris wheels. The app is all about practicality and application. The app keeps track of how much it costs to build your structure, so you have to develop the best way to do it for the least amount of money.

Rube’s Lab

Solve the engineering puzzles in this game to save Rube’s Lab from being destroyed. You don’t have much time or tools, so think quickly.

World of Goo

People like this physics puzzle game because it has unique ideas and interesting graphics. Build with big blobs of talking goo to solve puzzles. It’s many fun and a great method to learn how to solve problems.


They’re going to play it anyway, so why not teach them something about engineering while they do it? Here are some cool ideas.

Crazy Gears

This fun app about mechanical engineering is a good place to start for young engineers. Kids build with equipment, chains, pulleys, and rods to solve puzzles.

STEAM Apps: Art

Students can use STEAM apps for graphic design and the arts to explore their creativity wherever they are.


This app for making graphics isn’t made just for kids, but they can still do a lot with it. Create beautiful vector graphics that can be sent to other graphic design programs.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop-motion technology is great for kids because it is so easy to use. With this app, you can turn your stop-motion creations into movies that look surprisingly polished and professional.

Easy Stop Motion Studio

This is a good way for very young kids to learn about stop-motion. They will use colours and shapes to make characters and then use the stop-motion method to make them move.


With this app, you can use various art tools and supplies. It lets you use fake brushes, paints, and other materials to make beautiful, detailed works of art.


Artists, pay attention! With this free app, you can twist your phone or tablet into the best place to draw, colour, and make things.


Apple’s video editing software lets you use various templates, graphics, text, and audio to make, edit, and share videos that look professional.


This great Android video editor has many of the same features as iMovie, so you can make great videos even if you’ve never done it before.

LEGO Movie Maker

Everything is great when you get this app and make your own LEGO movies. Make a movie set, record it, and show it to your friends.

photo via

Photo via lets you draw on the pictures you take, using a type of brush and unique effects that go far beyond ordinary filters.


Please take a picture and turn it into an amazing kaleidoscope picture. Kids of any age will never get tired of playing with this one because it gives them a whole new way of looking at the world.

STEAM Apps: Math

These STEAM apps for math have something for every student, from little kids who are just learning their numbers to high schoolers learning calculus.

Bugs and Numbers

These non-traditional math games will help young kids learn about numbers with the help of some very smart bugs.


TouchMath has been around for more than 40 years and has helped elementary school kids learn math differently. The app makes that system work with the technology of today.

King of Math 2

This app is a fun way for kids over 10 to work on their math skills. It’s a great way to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing facts.


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