9 Advanced Techniques For Increasing Twitter Followers

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9 Advanced Techniques For Increasing Twitter Followers

What are the advantages of growing your Twitter followers?

Increasing your Twitter following also helps you establish authority with your TARGET audience! What is the advantage of this? You can strengthen your connections with your fans. Increased brand visibility and conversions result from a stronger feeling of community. So, what happens if you don’t do anything to increase your Twitter following? In the ever-changing social media scene, you’ll fall behind your competitors!

Seriously… Consider the following Twitter marketing statistics:

⦁ You can sell to 1 in 5 individuals in the United States by using 199 million active users on Twitter.
⦁ Twitter is used by 12% of people globally to keep up with the news.

9 Tested Methods For Gaining More Twitter Followers

This is the PERFECT opportunity to put these 9 effective Twitter follower-building methods into action!

Make your profile stand out

Your Twitter profile functions similarly to a résumé. Your Twitter profile’s information informs your followers about what to anticipate from you. A bad profile could turn off potential followers, which is the OPPOSITE of what you want! The following are the characteristics of an AMAZING brand or company’s Twitter profile:

⦁ A profile picture that draws attention and shows your brand’s identity.
⦁ A captivating bio that describes who you are, what you do, and your passions.
⦁ Your current location (to attract local followers)
⦁ A nice-looking Twitter banner that is connected to your business.

By optimizing your Twitter profile, you’ll be in a better position to take advantage of emerging Twitter initiatives.

Schedule your tweets to ensure that they are posted regularly

People will not retweet you if you do not tweet. Do you, however, truly need more retweets? Yes (at least if you’re aiming to expand your audience). Gain more retweets, and you’ll get more followers! So increase your tweets and make sure you’re tweeting regularly! But that takes a long time! Where are you going to find even more time to Tweet?!

Even if you have a wild plan, tweeting regularly is EASY with Post Planner! Using Post Planner’s content scheduling feature, you may compose your tweets in bulk. Schedule your postings a few days, weeks, or months ahead of time. You may also go through Post Planner’s content library for selected tweets.

The content library has you covered, from inspiring quotations and memes to an easy-to-use calendar. Post Planner will automatically post your tweets according to the timetable YOU choose. Automation allows you to provide CONSTANT value, excitement, and ideas to your audience!

Interact with influential people in your field

You aren’t the only sheriff in town who wants to increase their following. Ask every Twitter user in your niche, and they’ll tell you that they, too, want to develop. Is there any advantage to interacting with well-known people in your field?

Absolutely! After all, this is SOCIAL media. Answering and retweeting other influencers boosts your visibility in your field. People that follow your peers are more inclined to follow you because of the following reasons:

⦁ You share stuff that people like on Twitter.
⦁ By association, you’ll seem credible.

There’s a catch, though:

⦁ Engage with influencers that have just a few hundred followers more than you.
⦁ Engaging with major accounts is also a smart idea.
⦁ However, the chances of responding or retweeting your posts are as tiny as a raw noodle.

To locate and get more followers, follow more people

Reciprocity is a major social media guideline. People like replacing what has been given to them. As a result, one of the most successful techniques to get more Twitter followers is to follow others. People who are curious about your topic should be followed. But how are you expected to IDENTIFY such individuals? Easy! In the Twitter search field, type in relevant hashtags.

Assume your specialty is mixed martial arts. People tweeting about mixed martial arts may be found using hashtags like #ufc, #fight, and #Conor mcgregor. This tool also displays a “tweet wall” of recent users who have used your hashtag. Follow those who seem to be following others. If the profile you’re tracking has a small number of followers, don’t anticipate a response. Within a week, if you use this method for 15 minutes a day, you’ll see an increase in your followers.

Make a thread on Twitter

Writing a Twitter thread post entails sending out a tweet and then responding with a series of further tweets. Consider the following scenario: The potential for thread postings to become viral is insane. But why is that? The majority of thread postings provide some form of value. The more tweets you contribute to the thread, the more apparent it becomes. The more prominent your tweet is, the more likely it will get retweeted!

More visual stuff should be provided

When writing tweets, it’s tempting to get caught up in words. However, photographs are among the most effective methods to get people’s attention on Twitter. Here’s an amusing illustration of what we’re talking about: Tweets with photos get 18% more hits, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets than tweets without images. When people visit your Twitter profile, they will look at your images. Users are better inclined to follow you if they discover high-quality, interesting graphic material on your page.

During major occurrences in your specialty, live tweet

Tweeting during live affairs is a BRILLIANT way to capitalize on a tense situation. Consider tweeting while doing the following activities:

⦁ Significant political events (rallies, protests, hearings)
⦁ Games and sporting events
⦁ Films and television series
⦁ Broadcasts of news

Consider the events that your target audience is likely to be interested in, and then SHOW UP on Twitter for them! People who tune in to such events are prepared to participate. If your tweets represent their viewpoints, they’ll gladly follow you. Live-tweeting gives an event that individuals may be watching alone a feeling of community. Getting the most out of trending hashtags is ideal for live-tweeting a popular event. For example, tweeting about the season premiere of a popular program will generate more interaction than live-tweeting about an old movie you’re watching.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the key to connecting with people. Using hashtags in your tweets allows you to connect with others looking for the same terms. Include hashtags in your tweets as well as your profile! Tweets using 1-2 hashtags often get up to 21% greater attention. Tweets containing better than two hashtags, on the other hand, suffer a 17 percent decrease in engagement. These are just ideas; experiment with different hashtag quantities to see what works best for you.

Here are three methods for finding unique hashtags:

⦁ Make use of RiteTag (a hashtag research tool)
⦁ On your Twitter homepage, look at the most popular hashtags.
⦁ To receive extensive insights on hashtag trends and themes, use Trendsmap.

The appropriate hashtags will increase your impressions and help you obtain new followers.

Make interactive material available

Do you want to engage your Twitter followers in a fun, new way? Allow them to share their knowledge with YOU! Your audience may participate in anything you’re talking about using interactive content. Polls have proven to be an excellent method to add an interactive aspect to your profile on Twitter. What accomplishes this have to do with gaining more followers? It’s hard to resist a good poll! People that participate feel as though they are a member of a community. Include hashtags in your poll postings to target interactive information to your intended audience.

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