How To Play Gomoku On A Smartphone: Useful Tips

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How To Play Gomoku On A Smartphone: Useful Tips


Gomoku is an old board game that was first played in Japan. But as our lives have become more modern and tech-based, Gomoku has become a popular online game. But it’s hard to play the game well without a lot of information about it. With our step-by-step instructions on playing Gomoku, you can easily beat your friends and family at the game.

Gomoku is usually a strategic abstract board game called “five in a row.” It was played with black and white stones on a board in Japan. The board is 15 rows and 15 columns wide. You can put the board on a table before playing with a competitor. The game may sound like chess, but it is nothing like chess other than the black and white pieces.

All over the world, people play this board game under different names. Because it was so popular, online Gomoku was made available as an app for phones and laptops. As the game has become more popular online, many people have said it is hard to play. If you don’t know how to play Gomoku or want to get better, this guide on playing Gomoku is just what you need.

How to Play Gomoku: Tips

Gomoku is different from every other online game because it is a strategic game that makes you use your reasoning and math skills. Gomoku and a few other games that the government has approved are great for kids because they are easy to learn and help the brain stretch. You can quickly learn how to play Gomoku and these other games by downloading them to your phone. It would help if you practiced, and this guide will help you out when things get tough.

Here are some of the greatest tips for playing Gomoku online or offline:

Try to get to know your opponent

Whether you play a game online or in person, you need to be smarter than your opponent. If you try to figure out how to play Gomoku during a game, you might lose. So, learn about your opponent and work the same way they do. If you can figure out how your opponent plays, you have a good chance of winning.

Engage The Player

Remember that practice is perfect if you like to learn how to play Gomoku. And playing with the same person all the time can get boring, so try to challenge the other player and learn new strategies that way.

Focus on your weaknesses

To learn how to play Gomoku, you have to pay attention and get better at what you’re not good at. Once you know your weak spots, try to hide them while playing so your opponents don’t figure them out.

Take your time before making your move

If you like to learn how to play Gomoku and win, you should never play a game in a hurry. Try to think about your next move before you make it. Think about what other people might think, and use that to your advantage. So, you will always win Gomoku, whether you play it online.

Use your opponent’s time

When you play Gomoku online, you only have a certain time to make a move. If you wish to win the match, you can use your opponent’s time to think about your next move. This brings us to the next very important tip about playing Gomoku.

Pay Close Attention To Your Initial Ten Moves

When you start playing Gomoku, you should pay close attention to the first 10 moves. Most people who don’t know how to play Gomoku well would start the game by not paying attention, which wouldn’t work out well. So, pay close attention when making your first move because these moves are all you need to win the game.

Prevent the enemy from scoring more than four goals

Suppose you have never played Gomoku before and don’t know how to remember that each player has to make a line with 4 stones or pieces. And the game is easy to win for the person who gets on the first line. If the other player is going to win their shot, you should play in the attacking mode to try to win the game. This will provide you with more chances to succeed in the end.

Maintain your body and brain concentrated on the game

People who play Gomoku are often there in person, but their minds are on something else or worrying about their other work. To play Gomoku like a pro, pay as much attention to your mind as you do to your body. If you pay full attention to the game, you will win.

Be resourceful and also implement your aggressive strategy

When playing Gomoku, it’s best to think about your chances of winning. However, if your opponent is a good player, you can get creative and switch to an attacking and aggressive style of play. This doesn’t mean you should curse or yell at the other player. You need to use your cards in a way that makes your opponent lose. You can get in his next move by putting your stones in the way. With this guide on playing Gomoku, you’d be a pro among your friends.

Respect Your Opponent And Maintain Your Cool Throughout the Game

But if you know how to play Gomoku, you have to win the game. However, there are times when you or your opponent might lose the game. You must respect your opponent and stay calm during the game in both situations.

This can help you learn from your mistakes and get better. Gomoku is fun to play, but it is also a good way to train your brain to think strategically. This can help you pay more attention and concentrate better. So, learn how to play Gomoku so that you can always win.

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