The Best Way To Restart Clash Of Clans And Clash Royale

Clash Royale: Is There A Way To Restart From Scratch

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Clash Royale: Is There A Way To Restart From Scratch


Do you need some guidance to figure out how to restart your game of Clash Royale? If that is the case, you have reached the proper location. In this essay, I will cover all there is to know about how to reset Clash Royale and a great deal of other information.

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Methods Of Resetting Your Clash Royale Account:

They argue that you can’t reset Clash Royale because the data connected with a certain account would not be deleted if you tried to do so. If you have the game linked to your Google account, your present position inside the game will always be associated with your Google account, regardless of whether or not you are currently playing.

Therefore, if you want to start from the very beginning again, you won’t be able to do so with that account. Even though anybody can get in touch with Supercell and request that their information be removed, this isn’t an option that many people are interested in pursuing.

It will be much simpler for those to start playing the game from the very beginning if you haven’t yet tried your playtime to your Playstore or Google account. Deleting the application’s data is essentially the only thing to be done. After that, start the application. This is all you will need to begin over.

Method 1 – Resetting Your Clash Royale Account

⦁ Go to the settings menu on your portable device.
⦁ Then pick App from the list of drop-down choices.
⦁ Pick Clash Royale as the game you want to play.
⦁ Use the button labeled Clear to clear the cache completely.
⦁ Simply pressing it will clear the data.
⦁ After that, remove Clash Royale from your device.
⦁ Once that is entire, you will be able to reinstall Clash Royale.

This strategy will need you to start the game again from the very beginning. Still, it will only be successful if your Clash Royale profile has not been connected to numerous available services, such as Supercell ID, Facebook, or any other available options.

When you check-in using the login you previously used, if you have linked an account to any of the sites, you will be sent to the profile you had previously used. You will need to do a few more actions to reset your Clash Royale accounts. These methods can be found here. As I did before, let’s investigate how each of the stages contributes to the overall functioning of the process.

Method 2 – Resetting Your Clash Royale Account:

⦁ Get started with Clash Royale right now.
⦁ Navigate to the area of the menu labeled Settings.
⦁ The “Help” area of the website is where you should go.
⦁ Click the Get me button to cancel your subscription.
⦁ Supercell will assist you in completing the procedure step by step.
⦁ You are free to do any recommended actions, such as turning off the associated services with your Clash Royale membership.
⦁ If you have finished all of the measures, your Clash Royale profile will be reset, and you will be able to start fresh.

The above are some hints that I can provide about resetting the Clash Royale account. Your Clash Royale account should be able to be reset successfully if you follow these steps.

How To Restart Clash Royale: Here Are The Steps:

Ensuring that you are working on the most current version of Clash Royale is the initial thing you should do when taking back into the swing of things in the game. You will be unable to continue playing if you do not have the appropriate version of the game.

Go to the navigation bar, then pick “Settings,” and select “Games” to find out which version of Clash Royale you’re now playing. Then, choose “Clash Royale” from the menu below the drop-down choice. Take from your smartphone the Clash Royale program that was on it. To begin playing again, you will first need to remove the game from your computer and then reinstall it.

⦁ You can find your applications by going to your device’s home screen and selecting “Applications” or “Apps” from the drop-down menu.
⦁ You may find “Clash Royale” inside the list of programs by scrolling down till you reach it.
⦁ After choosing “Clash Royale,” choose the “Delete” option from the menu.
⦁ Confirm that you wish to delete the application from your device.

How Do I Recover My Lost Clash Royale Account?

How to Retrieve a Lost or Stolen Clash Royale Membership:

⦁ After launching Clash Royale, go to the Options menu to find the Help & Support option.
⦁ To take in touch with customer service, select the Help & Support option from the menu on the top right of the screen.
⦁ Please utilize the message box below to communicate with the in-game support staff.


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